Frequently asked questions


What is Lekkernassûh?

Lekkernassûh is an organized community of people working together with the vision of a fair, local food system in and around The Hague. The main activity is the weekly fresh market in De Gymzaal on Witte de Withstraat and other locations. Here an average of 500 people come to pick up a vegetable package.

What are your locations?

Check Contactgegevens, adressen en openingstijden

What are the opening hours?

Check Contactgegevens, adressen en openingstijden

What does it cost to participate?

Signing up is free. The vegetable packets cost €12.50 or 1.25 Timebank hours as a member.

How can I become a member (participant)?

Read our introductiepagina and then go to the registration form.

Are you also in other cities?

No, Lekkernassûh is a real Hague initiative. But in more and more other cities you can find similar initiatives! Besides the popular, more commercial grocery boxes, there are also other cooperative groups active. Just search with terms like ‘food cooperative’ or ‘VoKo … (your place)’.

Package content

Hoe groot / zwaar is het pakket? Hoeveel groenten bevat het?

The standard package contains at least 7 different vegetables. We cannot specify a weight as summer vegetables tend to be lighter than winter ones.

What kind of vegetables are they?

  • The vegetables are as much in season as possible, (so that as little energy as possible is needed for growing and afterwards for cooling).
  • The vegetables are grown without pesticides and artificial fertilizer. Some farmers have an organic certificate, but not all. These farmers also grow sustainably, without pesticides and with as little packaging material as possible.
  • The vegetables come as close as possible to The Hague. Occasionally we make an exception for example sprouts from Zeeland or sweet potato from Limburg in the package to do. However, we never cross the border!
  • And they are vegetables without packaging. So do not forget to bring your own bag!

Does is contain fruits as well?

Yes, sometimes it does! Apples, pears, plums or raspberries, for example, depending on the season.

Does it include herbs?

Yes, that too! We regularly sell fresh herb plants.

Where do the vegetables come from?

Check this page for an overview of our farmers.

What’s the price of a vegetable package?

€12,50 or 1,25 hours if you want to pay with Timebank hours.
Below you will read more about Timebank hours.

How can I pay for my package?

Check here to see the payment method at the different locations

Who decides the content of the package?

The people on the purchasing team. They are open to suggestions. Please email and let us hear from you.

Can I also contribute something for the package?

Yes, it can be done in two ways:

  • If you have something sustainable local in a small quantity, it can be offered as an individual sale. If you charge money for it, you pay 10% commission if you handle the sale yourself during the market, 20% if you have the market attendants sell it.
  • If you have a vegetable or plant in large quantities that we can fill packages with, that is also an option.

In either case, speak to one of the volunteers at the market. They will direct you to the right person to organize it.

Read more about selling your produce on this page.

Organization around the package

How does that work, with ACTIVE and PAUSE?

We work with a “subscription”. On your personal page you can manage this. If you’re on ACTIVE, we’ll purchase a package for you and count on you to come. If you are on PAUSE, then you are not. You can change your status using your personal link.
If you don’t change your subscription, it will stay as it is. If you are going on vacation, put yourself on PAUSE in time! In addition, your subscription is also tied to a location. If you sign up for the market in the Gym then your vegetables will be waiting for you there, and if you have chosen another location then we expect you there.

What is the deadline?

The deadline is Sunday evening 8:00 pm, for the market the following Wednesday. Don’t miss it!
At 20:00 we will make the list, based on how the subscriptions stand then. This is an automatic process, which cannot be changed manually. On Monday we go shopping for them. And on Wednesday the vegetables will be delivered.

Here you see the pattern in a weekly calendar:

I was too late to go on ACTIVE. Now what?

If you want to come pick up a package this week but you were still on PAUSE at 8:00 pm on Sunday night, the purchasing team is not counting on you. However, sometimes there are packages left over. Therefore, you can come towards the end of the market to see if there are any packages left. From that time on, anyone who was on PAUSE may still take a package – if possible – or buy loose vegetables.

What if I was on ACTIVE but can’t pick up my package?

It can of course happen that you are unable to collect your package. Because you have registered as ACTIVE, your packet has been purchased. If you do not collect it, it means that these vegetables will remain and that Lekkernassûh will have to pay for them. Therefore, make sure that someone else picks up your package. For example, you could ask a neighbor (perhaps they will also become enthusiastic about Lekkernassûh!). Or post a message on the Facebook page “Lekkernassûh pakket ophalen voor je buren”.

If you don’t pick up your pacakage, we ask kindly that you pay for it the next time you pick up a pacakge to cover for the costs.

Can you modify my subscription?

No, we’ve grown so much in the meantime that we can’t customize the packages if you can’t manage it yourself. It is a self-service system. Use your personal link to keep track of your subscription. If you can’t manage it, someone close to you may be able to help.

Do you still have questions about your subscription? Please contact

Helping out at Lekkernassûh

I would like to participate, what can I do?

There is plenty to do in and around the market. Broadly speaking, it consists of:

  • Market construction
  • Market care during the market, (cleaning up crates, talking to people, cutting cheese, being a cashier)
  • Clearing the market
  • Procurement
  • Communication
  • Website and ICT
  • (Financial) administration

    Does something appeal to you? You can read more about it here.
    We also regularly have specific vacancies for which we are looking for people. You can find them here.

I would like to participate, how can I sign up?

Here you can read more about how to register. Do you have a question about helping out at Lekkernassûh? Speak to one of our volunteers at the market or send an email to

My profile / personal link

I can’t access my profile anymore, what should I do?

In the right-hand column, click on “Link kwijt/ opvragen.” You will arrive at a page where you enter your email address. You will then receive your personal link in your e-mail box.

I requested my link, but I’m not receiving anything. Now what?

Please give it a few minutes first. Emails sometimes take 2-3 minutes to arrive. If you haven’t received anything by then, check your spam folder, your “junk mail folder”. Sometimes the email is marked as spam. If it is not there either, please contact the

How can I unsubscribe?

Fill in and submit the form on the page Uitschrijven.

Do you have a privacy statement on the website?

Yes, check this page to read about how Lekkernassûh handles participant data.


Where is the page with all the info about Lekkernassuh and

Here 🙂

What can I buy with my Timebank hours?

You can pay for your vegetable package with Timebank hours. One package costs 1.25 hours and 0.00 Euro.
You can also pay for cheese and products from the packaging-free store with Timebank hours. 1 Timebank hour is equivalent to 10 Euros. Of course you can also spend your Timebank-hours in the Timebank community, check

How do I pay with Timebank hours?

For your package, you can make a payment in advance and show your payment confirmation at checkout. You can find the payment button here. Of course you can also do this on the spot with your cell phone and show the payment confirmation at the cash register. For all other products, the amount of Timebank hours you need to pay is calculated at the checkout. You can then transfer this to your cell phone on the spot via . Login > choose Bank Account > choose New Payment > at ‘To’ enter ‘Lekkernassûh’ and fill in the amount to be paid. Complete your payment and show your receipt at the cashier. 

What is the Lekkernassûh worker’s compensation?

0.65 per hour worked. That is, 65% as a Timebanker and 35% as a volunteer for each hour worked. You can read more about this here.

If you have any other questions. Speak to one of our volunteers at the market or send an email to