About Lekkernassûh

Lekkernassûh is entirely run by people who really want to see a fair, local food system come into existence. It is an organisation of its own. It is facilitated by a foundation named Stichting Lokaal Voedsel Den Haag (Foundation Local Food The Hague) which states as a mission to create a fair, local food system that provides healthy, sustainable food, produced without toxins and pesticides or package material, for everyone.

The Chamber of Commerce number for the foundation is 62827049.

As a foundation, Stichting Lokaal Voedsel Den Haag has a board. The chairman is Frederik van Oudenhoven, the treasurer Eugene Lobry and the secretary is Sytske Roskam.

Expanding Lekkernassûh

In Addition to the market , we are currently looking at three other projects. These are:

  • The rental of farm land
  • Providing a co-operative open space

When we have more details about these, we will post them here. If you are registered for the market and would like to develop these ideas, you could volunteer as part of our Vision Working Group.

If you would like to get in touch, please contact us: info [at] lekkernassuh.org

You can also provide feedback online . The form is in English.