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Pakket week 16: 15 april

Wat een lekkere mix van wintergroenten en nieuwe zonnige groenten deze week in het pakket! Wij hopen dat jullie de extra tijd thuis gebruiken om voor jullie zelf te zorgen door lekker te koken en leuke nieuwe recepten proberen.

Deze week in het pakket:

  • 1 Bloemkool (BIO) van Dingemanse uit Biggekerke
  • 500 gram Prei (BIO) van mts. Rozendaal uit Strijen
  • 900 gram Menopper aardappel (DEMETER) van Peter van den Erve uit Goudswaard
  • 500 gram Rode biet (DEMETER) van Peter v d Erve uit Goudswaard
  • 500 gram Punt paprika rood (DEMETER) van Frank de Koning uit Briele
  • 1 Komkommer (DEMETER) van Frank de Koning uit Briele
  • 1 Bosje raapstelen (DEMETER) van David Luijendijk uit Roelofsarenveen
  • 500 gram pastinaak (BIO) van mts. Rozendaal uit Strijen

We kijken weer uit naar je komst op de markt!… of om jou thuis te zien via thuisbezorging.

Wij hebben op dit moment geen losse verkopers en geen verpakkingsvrije winkel tijdens de markt. Je kan wel brood, kaas en eieren kopen.

De verpakkinsvrije winkel gaat vanaf 11 april open zijn op zaterdag. Zie alle informatie hier.

Als je op woensdag 8 april een pakket wilt afhalen, dan moet je abonnement vóór zondagavond 20:00 uur op ACTIEF staan. En als je woensdag geen pakket wil, dan moet je abonnement vóór zondagavond 20:00 uur op PAUZE staan. Bedankt daarvoor!

What a nice mix of winter vegetables and fresh sun kissed vegetables this week in the package! We hope that you make use of your extra hometime for some self-care through taking the time to cook and enjoy some delicious meals and trying out new recipes.

This week in your package:

  • 1 Cauliflower (BIO) from Dingemanse in Biggekerke
  • 500 gram Leek (BIO) from mts. Rozendaal uit Strijen
  • 900 gram Menopper potato (DEMETER) from Peter van den Erve in Goudswaard
  • 500 gram Red beetroot (DEMETER) from Peter v d Erve in Goudswaard
  • 500 gram Red paprika (DEMETER) from Frank de Koning in Briele
  • 1 Cucumber (DEMETER) from Frank de Koning in Briele
  • 1 bunch of turnip greens (DEMETER) from David Luijendijk in Roelofsarenveen
  • 500 gram Parsnip (BIO) from mts. Rozendaal in Strijen

We are looking forward to see you at the market! … or at your doorstep with home delivery.

We don’t host external sellers at the moment and the package-free shop is closed during market times. But you can still get fresh bread, eggs and cheese.

The package-free shop will be open on Saturdays from April 11th. Read all the information here.

If you would like to pick up your veggie package on Wednesday 8th of April, your account needs to be set on ACTIEF before Sunday 8pm.
And if you don’t want a Lekkernassuh pakket coming Wednesday, your account has to be on PAUZE before Sunday 8 pm. Thank you!

Rode pollepel

Dinner 24-06-2015: DeRodePollepels menu!

Coming Wednesday an authentic vegan Italian dinner at Witte de Withstraat cooked with our vegetables and fruits.


First course

Home-made wholemeal lagane* with chickpeas and parsley
*Lagane is a type of fresh home-made pasta used in local cuisine from Southern Italy, especially in Basilicata and in other predominantly rural regions. They are made with flour, water, and salt, and are generally used in combination with legumes. Lagane and chickpeas is a very old recipe of the peasant cuisine of Southern Italy which dates back at least to first century BC. In the second half of the XIX century, it came to be known as the “Brigand’s dish”.

Second course

Aubergine escalopes with fresh tomato sauce, and fresh mixed salad – served with home-made sourdough bread


Spiced apple compote (with cinnamon and star anise) – served with fresh home-made apple juice


If you missed our debut dinner and want to try delicious vegetarian Italian food at popular prices… come and join us at our encore!

When: Wednesday 24 June 2015, from 18:00 to 22:00
Where: DHiT’s café, Witte de Withstraat 119, 2518 CS Den Haag

Following the great success of their debut dinner, on Wednesday 24 June 2015, le Cucchiarelle Rosse (Dutch: de Rode Pollepels) re-open the door of their ‘rebel kitchen’ at the DHiT – Den Haag in Transitie’s café.

From 18:00 to 22:00, we will serve good, healthy and nutritious food based on recipes belonging to the tradition of popular Italian cuisine. For us, this is a way to ‘reclaim’ Italian food – often presented as ‘luxury’ food – and make it accessible to everyone!

We offer a vegetarian/vegan dinner based on a fixed menu including three courses: a first course of home-made pasta, a second course with a selection of main- and side-dishes prepared with fresh local vegetables and served with home-made bread, and a dessert prepared with fresh local fruit.

Our pasta and bread are home-made because we want to start reducing our dependency on industrialised processed food available in supermarkets. All fresh fruit and vegetables used to prepare our meals come from lekkernassûh – lokaal voedsel Den Haag’s market, a platform which shares with us the aims of (re-)localising food chains and making good, healthy and fair food accessible to everyone in the town of Den Haag. We also provide water and a juice prepared with fresh local fruit. Customers who want to are welcome to bring additional drinks!
Our food and drinks is served at a fixed price of 10€ (no pin), calculated taking into account only the cost of the food and of other products used to prepare the dinner and a fair remuneration for the labour involved in preparing and serving it. Additional donations are welcome and will be used to finance the future development of our project and/or the activities of our hosts and friends: Lekker Nassûh and Den Haag in Transitie!

***We provide food for a maximum of 40 people. So, if you are planning to join us, don’t forget to contact us to reserve a meal!

We hope to see you on Wednesday!

For more information on the project, visit our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/derodepollepels

Le Cucchiarelle Rosse
Email: derodepollepels@gmail.com
Mobile: 06-8717.5657 (Giulio)